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Trilogy Engagement Rings

Also known as a three stone engagement ring, trilogy engagement rings are one of the most popular designs on the market. A typical trilogy ring features one large centre diamond and two perfectly matched side diamonds. Choose from our exclusive range of brilliant cut or fancy cut diamonds and gemstones to suit your style and personality. Explore our wide range of trilogy engagement rings online or in person today!

What does a 3 Stone Engagement Ring symbolise?

The traditional meaning of a 3 stone engagement ring is that it represents the Past, Present and Future. Getting married is a big step and a big commitment, so it makes sense that couples are reflecting on what got them to that moment and want to celebrate it. It’s also the ideal time to make plans or share hopes for the future. The ring’s centre stone represents a couple’s present relationship, while the ring’s side stones represent their past and future relationship. Many couples like this symbolism, as it encompasses every stage of their love story so far as well as promising an equally loving future. 

Other Meanings for a Trilogy Engagement Ring

A trilogy diamond engagement ring can also be seen as a symbol of Friendship, Love and Fidelity. Although still similar to its traditional meaning, it’s not specific to the couple and refers to the general building blocks of any strong relationship. Another way to view a three stone engagement ring is to see it as the Holy Trinity – The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. This is a common interpretation for Christians. Finally, it can also be used to define family. The centre stone can be the parent, and the side stones represent their children. Or, the side stones can represent both parents, and the centre stone is their child.