Sometimes, too many choices are not conducive to a decision, and this can often be the case when it comes to shopping for engagement rings.

There are so many different engagement ring styles, settings and shapes to consider, from the centre stone type (gemstones, natural or lab–grown diamonds) to the colour of the band (white gold, yellow gold or rose gold).

The overall design, however, is the most important feature.

From the classic to the contemporary, the popular to the one–of–a–kind, an engagement ring is not just a statement of love, but a statement of individuality and personality too.

Keep on scrolling to find out more about our top 5 favourite engagement ring styles and which one might suit you best…


1. Halo

An engagement ring style that has exploded in popularity of late, but can be traced back a long way, is the halo.

Its origins date back to the early Georgian era when they were referred to as cluster rings, with a statement stone encircled by smaller diamonds. The main diamond pops and gives the illusion that it’s a lot larger than it actually is.

In Victorian times, it was coloured gems likes rubies and sapphires in the centre, and the Roaring Twenties saw an insatiable appetite too, as geometric shapes became the flavour in both fashion and design.

For those who want to take their love to heavenly heights in this day–and–age, you can get halo rings with centre stones of Oval, Cushion, Pear, round or square shapes to name a few.

For an irresistible visual impact, a Platinum band (aka shank) will continue the shine and sparkle all the way around.

2. Vintage

One of the most traditional, yet still popular styles of engagement ring is vintage.

The handmade jewellery items of the Victorian, Edwardian and Art Deco periods were all about intricate details and symbolism, from filigrees and floral flourishes, to milgrain edgings and engravings.

So, if you’re chasing the allure and romance of a bygone era, a vintage inspired ring is the perfect choice for that antique style appeal and old–world charm. 

Although it’s impossible to replicate the sentimental story attached to the handing down of a genuine antique engagement ring (say from a grandmother to her granddaughter), a vintage style engagement ring is the closet you can get to heirloom craftsmanship and quality.

Usually associated with old–fashioned techniques and tools, our jewellers can recreate the finest embellishments with new tech, often adding their own twists and takes on an original design.

3. Solitaire 

If you’re after more classic engagement ring styles, look no further than solitaire.

As the name indicates, a solitaire ring has just one gemstone, typically a round, brilliant cut diamond. Made popular by Tiffany & Co over 135 years ago, its elegant engineering and sophisticated, feminine finish has turned it into the timeless style of ring that most people associate with proposals today.

Solitaire engagement rings are minimalist by design, showcasing a single, sparkling centre stone on a modest, platinum or gold shank. Forever in fashion, they’ll pair well a partner’s wedding band no matter what style they choose.

Because of their simplicity, solitaire rings are easy to dress up or down too, such as stacking (aka ring layering, where you wearing multiple rings next to each other on the same finger).

Due to its limited number of claws and fiddly features, it’s also a great ring to keep clean and dust and dirt free.

4. Trilogy

Moving into more modern times, we have the trilogy engagement ring style.

Also known as the 3–stone design, it features three key diamonds and/or gemstones, essentially like a solitaire but with more flair!

Although it’s a style that is widely available today, its origins really only go back a couple of decades, when De Beers introduced it to the global market in 2001.

The general rule for a trilogy ring is that the centre diamond is the largest, flanked by two symmetrical, smaller diamonds, but it can be customised to feature three stones of any shape, size or significance to the wearer to perfectly match their personality.

Trilogy and trinity rings have many meanings and mottos that come in sets of three too, such as love, friendship and fidelity, and the past, present and future (referring to the relationship).


5. Pretty Wings

And last but not least is a style unique to us here at Rod Valenz – pretty wings.

Very contemporary in its composition, pretty wings rings feature a wide array of central gemstone shapes, from oval, rectangular, circular and square, to hearts, flowers and clusters.

An eclectic range of elegant and distinctive styles, it’s the Platinum or Gold gold bands that are equally captivating in this collection, from tiered sloping shoulders and wrap rings, to cathedral settings and twisted or split shanks. 

Although all of the pretty wings engagement ring styles are very different, all of the bands have one thing in common – they are lined and loaded with diamonds. Some are in single rows, others two–by–two, some chunky, others petite.

Another shared characteristic between a lot of these rings is protruding prongs. Prominently seen from a birds–eye angle, they range from round to tab to claw, depending on your preference.