Vintage 568

Designed and crafted by Rod Valenz® model 568.

18K palladium fine white gold

Brilliant cut lab-grown diamond 1.02 carat F - VS2
IGI Diamond report LG530292224

39 Brilliant cut Natural diamonds total 0.46 carat F - VS2

Total diamond weight of the piece 1.48 carat

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The initial consultation and planning process, involves coming into our studio in Hawthorn, meeting our friendly and passionate staff and seeing all of our high-end facilities.

Step 2 - Diamond Selection & Design

Selecting the diamonds involves looking at some of our diamonds that are currently on display/in-stock, to gain inspiration and then it's time to start bringing your dream ring to life by creating the digital design (CAD file).

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the setting and polishing, and the moment our customer comes to collect their stunning, one–of–a–kind engagement ring.

A Guide To Diamonds: Understanding the 4cs

When purchasing a diamond/engagement ring, it's important to consider all four of these factors to ensure you get a stone that meets your preferences and budget. The combination of these characteristics determines the overall quality and value of a diamond.

1. CUT

The cut of a diamond refers to how its facets interact with light. It is determined by its symmetry, proportion, polish and reflective qualities. This affects the stone’s overall sparkle and beauty.


A diamond’s clarity is measured by the visibility of microscopic inclusions and imperfections under 10–power magnification. If it has little to no inclusions, it is graded as pure and rare, aka flawless.


Colour refers to the natural yellow tint found in white diamonds. The closer a diamond is to “colourless,” the rarer it is. GIA graded diamonds assign a letter grade from “D” (colourless) to “Z” (light yellow).


Carat is the unit of measurement used to describe the weight of a diamond, not necessarily its size. One carat equals .20 grams. Cut, clarity and colour help determine a diamond’s value, not the carat weight alone.